Wishing Candles

“Wishing Candles” is the campaign for arousing the social awareness and visibility to children suffering in Asthma. Through simulation and participation by general audience of experiencing the predicament of Asthma, it can emphasize the inconvenience and difficulties throughout the daily life of child in Asthma.

 (Group Work)

User research

Jan-Apr 2015



As part of our school project, we are tasked with a topic of “Call for Donation”The objective of the project is to understand the condition,simulate the condition and build & spread empathy.

In Hong Kong, about 1 in 10 children has Asthma and it ́s the There are 70 to 90 people died of Asthma attack every year among which 20 to 30 of them are aged from 15 to 44. The major reason leading to death is that a myriad of patients do not understand the detriment and seriousness of the disease.


We use blowing birthday candles as a metaphor for emphasizing the difficulties of the Asthma child. It is designed that the Asthma suffered children could not blow out the birthday candle that requires a third party to assist through the blowing action to the candle stand placed in front of the screen.


Promote awareness of these diseases among the public
Help in alleviating the situation of Asthma in Hong Kong
Enable patients, their families and people in general to learn more about the causes of the diseases and how to prevent them.

UX Research

In our PD workshop, we would like to see how normal people think about Asthma Children, the feeling if their children got Asthma and get the feedback of the first idea.

To achieve our aims, a workshop last for 1.5 hrs hold with 4 participants. We used Collage with role play and Cognitive Mappingas our workshop tools to get the fragments of participants’ thoughts, which can help us to spread the empathy to our target audiences more effectively. On the other hand, we presented our first idea with a prototype in order to get valuable feedback and hence to improve it.





Final Output

Lee Ka Ki, Hong Kong
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