The Art of Waiting

“The Art of Waiting” is a new user experience for people who are waiting others in K11 and inviting them by the detection of human infrared system to join the workshop or guide tour.

It will provide them the related workshops or guide tours with exhibiting art works at that particular time.Which aims to entertain the users by providing them unique knowledge or insights in order to enrich their waiting experience in K11 shopping mall.

 (Group Work)

User research

Jan-Apr 2015



As part of our school project, we are tasked with mapping consumer experience from shopping malls and designing on the new service offering of customer experience 2020. During our field visit in K11 mall, we observed that many people are waiting people at the ground floor.After serval observation and interview, we found that usually they stay at K11 because of the convenient location(near MTR station) and the unique theme of museum shopping mall.

What if we can provide a different waiting experience for them?

UX Research

In the first few weeks,we needed to get out there to observe people behaviour and talk to people who are waiting in K11.We talked to more than 10 people.

After that, we did a AEIOU design thinking worksheets to think through the problem from variety of perspectives: activities, environments, interactions, objects, and users. It helps us organise thoughts,observations and ideas into distinct categories.And also persona to communicate and summarize users’ goals and patterns.



By using service blueprint, we displays the process functions above and below the line of visibility ,all the touchpoints and the back-stage processes are documented and aligned to the user experience.


Final Output

Lee Ka Ki, Hong Kong
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