Inventing a better way to manage policies.
Leading insurance company
Customer engagement in insurance
To solidify its market leading position by developing a better Customer Website for customers to easily manage their policies.
A comprehensive customer service portal enables customers to manage their policies in ease, incorporate with data visualisation to give customers better visibility and insights on the status of their policies and prospects.
User Research
User Interview
UX Design
Usability Testing
UI design
A new customer portal that provides customers with easy access to services, materials and information.

One of the Hong Kong’s leading insurance company is transforming their customer facing platform by inventing a better way to make managing policy in a more easy and sufficient way. Together, we co-create a self service platform that allows customers to manage their policy easier, access self-service downloads, and allowing them to continue exploring for products that is recommended for them. The new customer website is expected to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce number of calls from the customer centre, improve revenue and ultimately increase the business’s valuation.

To know how the current site is being structured and what are those products

As the current site covers a large amount of content with more than a hundred of products, we need to understand the products, jargons, business lines and each of their business requirements and. To do this, we work closely with the product team to understand the underlying tech and process and design the UX and UI for the entire platform accordingly.

To gain a better understand of the customer needs and behaviour.

To know more about how the customer interact with the current platform, we asked staff (also customers) and friends to tell us pain-points and challenges that they are facing. We also asked them to arrange site content which allow us to sort out and prioritise relevant features and content based on a restructured information architecture. Most of the customers want to look at their policies coverage, value, gain/loss in order to make informed decision( e.g. switch funds, buy new policy).

Keep iterate , iterate and iterate

We transferred our ideas into wireframes and created an interactive prototypes. We conducted two sessions of one-to-one usability tests with a wide range of customers to understand their behaviours that lead them to know about their needs, targets, current coverages and also to identify pain points and usability issues when going through key journeys within the new website design.

A new customer website designed around informative and transparency.

Leveraging our design thinking approach, the new site we built is a self service platform that is packed with useful features to optimise speed, accessibility, understanding, support and relevant recommendations. Fully responsive, the site’s design and functionality are tailored to all mobile and desktop device. The website was wrapped in a clean, intuitive card based design that was targeted at improving user focus, and offer up-to-date policy status and performances. As customers, it provides them with policies’ status and coverage, essential documents, eStatments, eClaims, activities record and fund performances.